La Monica

When the ideas find the point of contact with matters and with the creative manual skill, only then the creativity can bloom and carry out itself.

In the delicate balance between pragmatic and spirit of search, the public and private environments become our testing ground for the original inhabited creations. The work that we develop is always finalized to times requirements , because our thought are projected towards the future.

In addition, we use high-quality materials, and this high quality material is used for the conservation of valuable buildings in connection with the current demand of the modern lifestyle.

Modern Design ...

We obtain unsurpassable results in the structural restoration of the internal and external areas. The best experience values count by us more than somewhere else.

Our high quality materials:

  • high-value floor-tiles and wall designs
  • Wooden floors
  • Textile floor coverings
  • Stone
  • Glass mosaic tiles

La Monica
La Monica
La Monica


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