Our services

Private customers

The private customers find in us the partner in a position to put in floor of every type, for insides and outside, and to realize staircases, balconies, terraces and gardens. In the preparation of private baths, the individuality and the functional subdivision of the space will be counted at the first place. The flavor and the personal style can find the completion in a balance between glass, steel, wood, ceramics and natural stone. In private solutions of authenticity, they preserve their value in the time, independent from the tendencies and from the fashion.


Wood for healthcare

Wooden floors feel comfortably warmly, these are resistant and durable. Different tones and grains, and guarantee embarrassed form always an interesting optics. Often we use woodwork in the bathrooms and wellness concern, where novel refinement methods and sealing techniques protect the material against water spots.


Stone is design of nature

The contact with natural materials such as wood and stone are in the position to increase the feeling of comfort and relaxing the real soul of the person.


Treatment of wood and stone floors

With intensive and professional care and, surfaces look new for years. Robust wood possesses have even conservative and effective components with the proper initial care. Above all polished or natural stone floors, pets can also benefits from the first professional care, the natural appearance of the surfaces guarantees also after intensive utilization.


Swimming pools
The area defines the dimensions, the design the effects. The completeness of an attractive pool increases the personality of the house, the architecture, the esthetic appearance and right selection of the materials. Our technically organizational planning considers all details for an impressive total effect.
Our large experience in the construction of private and public pools is the first guarantee that we offer to our customers.


Surfaces with high value

Through the mood full production of high-value floor-tiles and wall designs, each ambience receives an unmistakable identity. In our showrooms you’ll find samples collections with innumerable colors and choice decors. You’ll find primarily quality, harmony and color feeling. Compositional refinement often enriches the valuable surface organizations.
Spatial arrangement with a character – the expression strength of many tiles lays in your well-planned conception.


Textile floor coverings

Textile floor coverings are back in style. Smooth and thick carpets provide traditional as well as modern areas, a comfortable and body relaxing heat. The above steps can be found especially in large spaces, such as in hotels, convention centers and congress halls.


Pure and luxury

The glass mosaic tiles started to leap from the pool into the exclusive residential areas. Incredibly effective in its endless verities of art design, irresistibly trendy in the new gold silver and bronze glass optics. The perfect placing of glass mosaic tiles is the highest technical and highly skilled handicrafts.